Keeping up with the latest trends and topics that affect community financial institutions can be difficult. Carving out time throughout the year to attend a conference where these topics are covered by industry leaders can be even more challenging. We understand how important it is to find a conference that checks all of the boxes. That is why we offer Regional Meetings in your home state and the Annual Management Conference in Kansas City each year.

In an effort to improve the conferences for our members, we have experimented with new agendas, hands-on workshops and venues. While all of these elements contribute to the conference experience, we know that the only way to make the event great, and check all the boxes is to get input from our members. Whether you attend FHLBank conferences each year or have never attended, we invite you to take this brief survey to help us make our conferences better.

If you have never attended our Annual Management Conference here are a few things you may not know:

  1. Small conference: The conference is small because it is only offered to our members. We don’t host over 1,000 people each year, more like 250. Smaller allows us to get to know you, and allows you to interact with your peers.

  2. Big Speakers: Don’t let the conference size fool you. We bring in great speakers. Some you will find at the larger conferences and some are even nationally known from TedX. See the video below for more about the conference experience.

  3. Relevant Topics: Here is glimpse of sessions we have offered over the past four years: economy, CECL, ALM strategies, ERM, credit management, ag markets and technologies.

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