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The 11 FHLBanks are independent cooperatives privately capitalized and owned by thousands of financial institutions big and small from all 50 states. 


We are pleased to announce that  Mark Yardley accepted the permanent position of President and CEO on March 24, 2017. Mark has worked at FHLBank for 33 years and was recently promoted from chief risk officer to interim president and CEO when former president, Andy Jetter, announced his retirement in December 2016. The announcement came after the first quarter board meeting from board chair, G. Bridger Cox, president and chairman of Citizens Bank & Trust Company, Ardmore, Okla. Read board announcement.


FHLBank Topeka was pleased to have a member in attendance as a small group of community bank leaders from across the country met with President Trump in March to share their views on the financial services industry and their priorities with the new administration and the 115th Congress. Leslie Andersen, president and chief executive of the Bank of Bennington in Nebraska, was one of nine bank executives to meet with Trump’s National Economic Council. The meeting also included ABA president Rob Nichols and ICBA CEO Cam Fine.

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Committed to Diversity
In February, FHLBank Topeka was recognized by Living the Dream, Inc., for diversity initiatives in the workplace and community. 


Since 2008, mortgage purchasers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have operated under government conservatorship. Now, reform of these Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) is a primary focus of the FHLBank system and FHLBank Topeka. A change in this construct will naturally have a profound impact on housing, and the economy as a whole.

Though the general timeline for reform appears gradual, under the terms of the preferred stock purchase agreements that went into effect when they were pulled into conservatorship, the GSEs capital base will be totally eliminated in 2018. At that point, unless Congress engineers a relief valve, the pressure to find a solution increases.

In the meantime, various stakeholder groups are starting to release GSE reform guidelines. Additionally, a bi-partisan Senate working group is soliciting input, and the Trump administration continues to signal intent to be directly involved in reform efforts.

Because of the success and stability of the FHLBank cooperative business model, and our ongoing support for affordable housing and community development, we are continually evaluating each of these potential remedies as the process unfolds. As always, we would be pleased to offer support and feedback on this critically important evolution.


Staff from the office of Rep. Roger Marshall (KS-1) visited FHLBank Topeka for a discussion with our executive team in January. Elected in 2016, Rep. Marshall already brings a tangible understanding of the financial services world to Congress. His appreciation of the value local lending has in sustaining rural communities make him a welcome addition to the FHLBank Topeka delegation.   


The first goal was always trust.

It was 2007, and a group of business leaders from Kansas City envisioned a bank built around trust. After raising more than twice the typical capital needed to open a new financial institution, CrossPoint Bank was born.

Ten years later, CrossFirst has been through countless changes – including a new name -- billions in growth and an expansion across multiple Midwest states. But trust remains at its core. Read more.

Ryan Gilliland, VP, Government Relations Officer
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