Homebuyer Education

Recipients of Homeownership Set-aside Program (HSP) funds must complete a homebuyer education course.

Helpful information about homebuyer education:

  • Homebuyer education must be provided by an approved provider listed on the designated state organization websites. Links to the state organization websites can be found on the right side of this page under the heading Homebuyer Education.

  • The provider must be on the list of the state in which the property is being purchased.

  • Upon completion of the course, the homebuyer will receive a certificate that must be signed or initialed by the provider, unless the course is taken online. If the course is taken online, the certificate must be signed by the homebuyer.

  • We recommend that the homebuyer complete the homebuyer education course prior to the loan closing.

  • The homebuyer education certificate must be submitted with your disbursement request.

  • For more information about homebuyer education, review the HSP Manual and FAQ found on the right side of this page under the heading Related Resourses.




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