We hosted FHLBank members a few weeks ago at our Annual Management Conference. We appreciated interacting with so many of you. Our closing speaker, Derreck Kayongo, shared his inspiring story as a Ugandan refugee who immigrated to the United States to attend college. He founded the Global Soap Project, which repurposes unused hotel soap and shares it with vulnerable populations worldwide. Derreck also served as CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and touched on his work there in his remarks.

At FHLBank Topeka, we are increasingly focused on diversity and inclusion efforts. As you consider your approach, read through Derreck’s view on the true costs of discrimination and they can help make a case for increasing your diversity and inclusion efforts.

An Uncharacteristic Way to Reason in Favor of Diversity and Inclusion

If you missed our AMC, visit our wrap-up page for photos, our Community Leader Award winner’s video and presentation links.

Is Diversity and Inclusion on your institution’s radar?

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